Generic Viagra is an effective and cheap analogue

Viagra is a popular pill to treat sexual dysfunction. Generic Viagra is sold in online pharmacies along with original medicine. You can buy generic pills without prescription at cheap price.

What is better: generic or original Viagra?

Generic medicine is sold online as well as brand one. Why do many people prefer to buy analogues than original pill? Generic medicine has the same dosage, quality and strength. There can be some slight variations in its composition which are insignificant for its effect. Usually generic drugs are cheaper than patented ones. But it does not mean that they are worse. They are made according to the well-known formulas and contain a standard set of ingredients. They have the same side effects and contraindications.

Viagra is a rather expensive remedy. If you want to save some money, pay your attention to unpatented pill. It guarantees the same effect, but costs much cheaper. Generic Viagra has the same influence on male organism.

Viagra without prescription

Viagra is a pill which can be needed urgently. Besides, taking this medicine is a very delicate question. Many men are shy to visit doctor and share with him their intimate problems. They just want to take pill and get the effect. That is why online pharmacies offer the medicine without prescription. It releases you from necessity to go to the doctor’s, stay in the queue there. Getting a prescription can become a real trouble. Besides, you will not meet friends of yours in the clinic. Ordering Viagra online gives you an opportunity to stay absolutely anonymous.

Online buyers stay anonymous

Confidentiality is one of the advantages of buying medicine in the Internet. Intimate problems are not for publicity. Erectile dysfunction is a popular disease of many men, however the majority of them tries to leave this fact unrelated. A man always wants to be strong and firm. He can hardly admit his weakness. That is why some of men make order in online drugstores. Many pharmacies also offer free or cheap delivery, which makes purchase very convenient and fast. To get medicine you do not even need to leave your home. What else advantage do you need to order Viagra online?

Dosage and contraindications

Some people avoid medicine and try to cure themselves by correction of their nutrition. For example, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction start to eat more sour cream, nuts and some other products. It is not scientifically grounded method and its efficiency is not guaranteed. Viagra brings into action in 30-60 minutes after it was taken. It is much easier to take one pill and enjoy its effect than to eat kilos of nuts and expect the result.

Viagra, like any other medicine, has a list of contraindications. If you have some problems with your kidney or liver, suffer from high or low tension, have eye pathologies or heart diseases, suffer from angina, stroke or allergy to Sildenafil, you have to find other remedy. Taking Viagra is not recommended in these cases.

Viagra is prescribed not only for sexual dysfunction, but also for pulmonary arterial hypertension. Nevertheless, the medicine is not taken by women and children.

When you take Viagra, the effect will come not earlier than in 30 minutes. Sometimes you have to wait for an hour. By the way, fat food can postpone its efficacy. Do not hurry in taking double dosage of Viagra, because it can lead to side effects: headache, diarrhea, heartburn, dizzy feeling, stomach upset. All these troubles can be easily avoided if you will hold on tight to the dosage. 50 mg is a recommended dose for a man per day. It is not recommended to take Viagra along with alcoholic drinks.

Today there is a great possibility for those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to buy viagra online and forget about the problem

Many modern people, particularly males, today are living under the influence of myths with a sexual nature. There are a lot of them. Some of them are directly linked with the presence of normal potency. A man who does not have in its individual characteristics, desires to repeated sexual intercourse, may feel inferior in this sense, although it is not necessarily a sign of impotence.

So what does this frightening term really mean? By impotence as usual it is called the lack of normal ability of a man to achieve and maintain, to maintain his erection at the level through which you can carry out the sexual act and complete it. Impotence is also called scientifically erectile dysfunction and is associated with reduced biological activity with age in men. But the variety of harmful factors surrounding the modern man let this negative phenomenon manifested much earlier.

Today there are frequent cases of sexual disorders in men of middle age and younger. At the same time, it should be remembered that in itself is not a terrible impotence and incurable disease, and this deviation is subject to adjustment in most cases. In order to know what causes impotence, it is necessary to consider the causes and triggers it.

Causes of impotence may be of the physical character, psychological or can be associated with the lifestyle of the individual. But no matter which problem you have, you can buy special pill and forget about it forever.

Causes of a physical nature. It has long been no secret that impotence can be caused by a number of diseases, including chronic. It is proved that in most cases, diabetes is a source of impotency. Needless to say, are provocateurs of any failures in this area, and diseases of the genitourinary system, especially those that are inflammatory in nature.

Negative impact of heart disease and blood vessels, endocrine diseases. In most cases, impotence can be cured with the achievement of positive dynamics for curing the underlying disease. In order to properly diagnose, physicians should undertake a thorough medical examination, is not based on mere complaints of the patient, but including blood tests, sonication groin area and much more. In short, early visit to the expert will quickly deal with the problem and return to normal life.

Psychological factors. Fouls and disharmony in the sexual life partners can be caused by events relating to past periods. In particular, can we talk about sexual failures men with previous partners, and lack of understanding of this side of life. Problems may be caused by quarrels and conflicts within the couple. It is believed that psychological problems are the cause of one in five sexual disorders.

Influence of lifestyle. Inactive lifestyle affects the state of health in general, and in particular, to the problems described above. For modern people lack of exercise is a real scourge, and a sedentary way of life contributes to the development of stagnation in the circulatory system of the body. Lack of physical exercise prevents oxygen rich blood arteries providing blood vessels of the penis, causing erectile dysfunction occur. Commitment smoking causes injury to blood vessels and blockage, which in turn does not allow the normal flow of blood in the vessels of the penis. If you dwell on the causes of a physiological nature, in that sense, as far as they relate to the way of life, it should be noted that a number of diseases caused by, in full or partial least unhealthy lifestyle. This should include obesity, in which reduced levels of testosterone in the male body. Diabetes hinders access of blood in the smaller blood vessels. Pituitary tumor produces a hormone, such as prolactin, which leads to an erectile dysfunction. When the so-called atherosclerosis plaques arising in the blood, prevent blood filling of vessels of the penis.